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Hand Power Tools

DCP_0969.jpg (640498 bytes)My new tablesaw. Assembly pictures. A Grizzly G1023SL. My brother built the mobile base for it with 4" double locking casters. I made longer rails for it. I have 58" to the right of the blade and 14" to the left. I wired it into my pneumatic dust gates as well.

DCP_1033.jpg (627186 bytes)I enlarged the dust port on the cabinet and hooked up a 5" dust pipe to it. I ordered the Shark Guard System from LeeWay Workshop for the blade guard.

I am building the extension table, and a cabinet under the right side of the tablesaw to hold blades, throat inserts and miter gauges and other misc stuff.

After I move into the new shop, the I will build a folding outfeed table inspired by Saws 'N Dust.

For accessories I have the Osborne EB-3 miter gauge and Delta tendon jig. Blades are Freud's and Jesada.

Old tablesaw: Craftsman Tablesaw

DCP_0941.jpg (698985 bytes)My new jointer. Assembly pictures. A Grizzly G0586. We built the mobile base for it with 4" double locking casters. I am really impressed with how smooth the cuts are. I wired it into my pneumatic dust gates as well.

Old Jointer: Craftsman Jointer

DCP_0774.jpg (567481 bytes)My Grizzly 16" bandsaw, G1071.  It weighs 434 pounds!  It took all that my brother and I could do to lift it on to the stand.  I built a new stand for the saw to sit on, and integrated the mobile base into the design.  I have installed casters that lock both the wheels and swivel.  Bought Timberwolf blades and some Cool Block guides and it slices right through whatever I throw at it.  I have added more dust collection to it, and now have a 3" port on the lower cabinet and a 4" port directly under the table.  I have to move the port under the table to tip the table though, but most cuts are at 90 degrees.  I replaced the stock fence with the the Grizzly Resaw fence for bandsaws, which was a huge improvement.

DCP_0888.jpg (649857 bytes)My Craftsman 12 inch compound miter saw on the stand I built for it from the plans in Popular Woodworking magazine.  For a description of the project, go here.

DCP_0027.JPG (784878 bytes)

My planer, the Delta 22-560.  This has been one good planer.  I planed hundreds of board feet of White Oak before rotating the blades!  With Delta's dust hood hooked up to the DC no dust comes out anywhere.  This sure makes loads of sawdust!

DCP_0777.jpg (636376 bytes)DCP_0864.jpg (633335 bytes)I upgraded planers since moving to MN.  This is a Grizzly 20" G1033.  You need dust collection when using this monster.  Boy, does that trash can fill up fast.  I have kept my little Delta, it is nice for small work.  Here also is the knife sharpener G2790 for the jointer and planer knives.

DCP_0026.JPG (681877 bytes)My radial arm saw.  My father bought it sometime in the 60's and gave it to me in 2000.  Some people say that radial arm saws are a waste of space, but I like having it because it has more crosscut capability than my miter saw, and you can use a dado blade on it..  I built the cabinet under the saw to give me more storage space in the shop, and to put some wheels on the saw.  You can see the blade storage area on the left of the cabinet.

DCP_0102.JPG (696500 bytes)The Delta BOSS is a good little spindle sander.  I have hooked it up to my DC and with a little suction on the dust port nothing escapes!  I wish I had room for a floor model, but this one works so good the larger table and more spindles do not justify the extra expense.

DCP_0095.JPG (734572 bytes)DCP_0096.JPG (700511 bytes)I bought this as the Craftsman router/router table combo.  I wish I had bought a  router and then built the router table.  I would have a better router, and a more versatile table then.  As it is, this does about everything I ask of it. The reason I bought it is that it is  mobile. (and I didn't have  time to build one)  I have replaced the router with the Bosch 1617 2hp VS fixed based model. I have boxed in the base and now run a 4" dust collector pipe in the back of the base and from there run a 2 1/2" hose to the fence.  That gets almost all the dust the router table produces.