New Woodshop
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Setting it up
New Woodshop Plans

DCP_1332.JPG (655843 bytes)This is the northwest corner of the shop In the corner is one of my workbenches. It has 6 drawers and below them are shelves that hold my Grizzly mortiser, Dremel scroll saw, 12.5" Delta planer, and Delta BOSS. Above the bench I have some pegboard with miscellaneous jigs and stuff. In the center of my shop is my primary workbench.  Under the top is a great storage area with 16 drawers on one side and on the other side it has doors with shelves to store other items.
DCP_1333.JPG (602712 bytes)This is the west wall of the shop. The door leads to the garage. In the center of the wall is my plywood storage cabinet. Beside that is my pipe clamp assortment.
DCP_1334.JPG (625462 bytes)This is the southwest corner of the shop. The woodstove is my source of heat for the winters here in northern MN. This year got to close to 40 degrees below zero at night, and the shop stayed about 30 above without any heat, and warmed up fast once I started the fire. In the corner is the filter stack from the cyclone. I left the cyclone in the garage. To the left is Grizzly belt/disk sander. Overhead hangs my Grizzly air cleaner.
DCP_1336.JPG (609025 bytes)This is the south wall of the shop. My Craftsman router table with Bosch 1617 router. Above the belt/disk sander and router table I am going to build and install a wood rack system for my specialty and current project lumber. To the left of the window is my 60's era Craftsman radial arm saw on the cabinet I built for it.
DCP_1335.JPG (625877 bytes)This is the southeast corner of the shop, In the corner is room for a future lathe. In the center of the shop is my Grizzly G0586 8" jointer and Grizzly G1033 20" planer.
DCP_1337.JPG (615832 bytes)This is the east wall of the shop. Of the right is my 1 1/2 hp Grizzly shaper. Beside that is a Delta 18/36" drum sander. To the left of the window is room for a future moulder.
DCP_1338.JPG (552266 bytes)This is the northeast corner of the shop. In the corner is a bathroom. On the right bathroom wall is my 14" Grizzly drill press. To the left of bathroom is the downdraft table I built that I set on a bench and hook up to the dust collection system. Above the downdraft table is my stereo. In the center of the shop is the Grizzly G1023 tablesaw.
DCP_1339.JPG (614667 bytes)On the north wall of the shop is my Grizzly 16" band saw. Next to that is my Craftsman miter saw and station that I built for it.  Under the right wing is my Craftsman shop vac. Above the left wing is my Quickgips and wood clamps.