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Setting it Up

DCP_0811.jpg (570344 bytes)On the East wall I have a workbench with a mechanics vise and my grinders. Beside that is the 60's era Craftsman radial arm saw on the cabinet I built for it. On the right is my Grizzly 20" planer.
DCP_0812.jpg (614957 bytes)Beside the planer is the Delta 18/36" drum sander and then the Grizzly 16" band saw.
DCP_0813.jpg (620557 bytes)Next to the band saw is the 1 1/2 hp Grizzly shaper. Above the shaper is my Craftsman router table. Then is my source of winter heat a wood furnace.  Beside the furnace is my Grizzly belt/disk sander and in the corner is a cyclone based on Bill Pentz design. There are 1-6", 7-5" and 6-4" drops in the shop.
DCP_0970.jpg (547760 bytes)On the South wall is my 14" Grizzly drill press. The workbench has 6 drawers and below them are shelves that hold my Grizzly mortiser, Dremel scroll saw, 12.5" Delta planer, and Delta BOSS.
DCP_0815.jpg (681266 bytes)Craftsman miter saw and station that I built for it.  Under the left wing is my Craftsman shop vac. Above the left wing is the downdraft table I built that I hook up to the dust collection system. Above the right wing is my clamp assortment.
DCP_0866.jpg (724538 bytes)On the West wall is my firewood pile and then above that is a lumber storage rack.
DCP_0977.jpg (645558 bytes)To the right of the firewood pile is my primary workbench.  Under the top is a great storage area with 16 drawers on one side and on the other side it is doors with shelves to store other items. Beside the bench is my primary lumber storage rack.
DCP_0981.jpg (690612 bytes)In the center of the shop is my Grizzly G1023SL tablesaw and Grizzly G0586 jointer. 
DCP_0978.jpg (639544 bytes)Behind the tablesaw is my New Yankee roll around cart.
DCP_0820.jpg (604668 bytes)Here is my plywood storage cabinet.


DCP_0974.jpg (673611 bytes)DCP_0975.jpg (604779 bytes)Here are some panoramic shots of the shop.

DCP_0971.jpg (703057 bytes)DCP_0979.jpg (752785 bytes)

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For a dedicated shop that I have always wanted, I am going to be adding on to the back of the garage.  My plans are here and I would appreciate any comments you may have.