Setting it Up
Home Up

I am in the process of putting together the shop again after another move.  I have to get it wired and insulated before it gets too cold this year.  Right now it is a big mess.


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It got cold before I got it done.  Been working on it a time permits and help is available.  I got the wiring rough-in complete and am now working on the insulation.  The drywall will take several hands to complete.  I might have to call in some favors.

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We are installing the sheetrock in the shop and then mudding and taping it.  My parents and older brother came to help.  I am going to paint it a semi-gloss white to make it as bright as I can.

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I am painting the shop now.

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The shop is painted, and I am finally able to start getting all the boxes emptied and the tools in place.

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It has been slow going on getting stuff put away, been making a few projects at the same time.

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I have been installing the dust collection system.  I have 14 drops in the shop powered by a Pentz style cyclone.

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