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In Oklahoma City I had a 18' x 21' two car garage that my shop was in.  Most of the time I also park my car in one of the stalls, but sometimes huge projects take up that stall also.  I am stored my excess lumber in a storage shed out in the backyard.  I figure I can walk out there and get a some pieces if I need them

DCP_0034.JPG (597355 bytes)This is the northeast corner of the shop.  Most of the time this is the stall where the car sits.  In the drawers is all sorts of nuts, bolts and screws.  The shelf holds drawer slides, and on top of it sits some of my portable power tools.  On the floor, I have built a small box for plywood cutoffs.  It swings out from the wall to easily go through the pieces.

DCP_0032.JPG (532688 bytes)This is the east wall in the shop.  My clothes washer and dryer are accessed from the garage, through the doors in the right in the picture so that wall space is wasted.  On the top shelf is my Craftsman router table.  Below that is my Delta BOSS sander.  On the floor is my extra metal trash can for the cyclone, and the fiber drum is just used as a trash can.

DCP_0057.JPG (753389 bytes)Here is the southeast corner of the shop.  You can see the 60's era Craftsman radial arm saw there in the corner on the cabinet I built for it..  Also there is the pipe clamps hanging on the wall.  I have a small ladder for use in the garage sitting under the clamp storage.

DCP_0078.JPG (766640 bytes)The south wall has sitting on the bench, my Delta planer, behind that is my drill press and Grizzly mortiser, which are mostly hidden by the planer.  To the right of the bench is my Grizzly 16" band saw, then my roll around cart, and finally the Delta 18/36" drum sander.  Behind and above all that is my lumber and plywood storage areas.

DCP_0079.JPG (779811 bytes)Here is the southwest corner of the garage.  On the left (south wall) you can see my lumber storage area and my drum sander.  In the corner is my dust collector.  It is the Wood magazine design cyclone using the blower from the Delta 50-850 1200 CFM dust collector exhausting into two 0.2 micron cartridge filters.  Beside the filters is my Grizzly belt/disk sander.  On the wall is the downdraft table I built that I hook up to the dust collection system.

In this shot you can see the west wall.  You can see the drop I have from the dust system to the bladeWest_Shop.JPG (312382 bytes) guard on the table saw.  On the shelf is my Porter Cable air compressor and my air nailers.  On the left of the table saw you can see my Grizzly belt/disk sander and Grizzly shaper and in front of that my Craftsman shop vac.  I heat my shop in the winter several ways.  To get it warm in a hurry, I have the LP torpedo heater.  To keep it warm, I have the LP radiant heater on the 20lb tank under the table saw wing.  On the right picture is my Craftsman miter saw and station that I built for it.  Above the miter saw you can see a small shelf for lumber cutoffs and above that is my hardwood clamp collection.  Hanging from the ceiling is my Grizzly air cleaner.

DCP_0039.JPG (732957 bytes)This is the northwest corner of the shop.  You can see the jointer in the foreground and the miter saw on the left.  Up against the door is my workbench.  Under the top is a great storage area with 14 drawers on one side and on the other side it is doors with shelves to store other items. 

NW_Shop.JPG (285511 bytes) Here is the shop with the car inside for the night.  I don't do much woodworking with the car inside, but sometimes do a little cutting and such.  Never any sanding though.  

I can't stand having to scrape windows or having to deal with all the other inconvenience of leaving the car outside, especially when a little ingenuity gets it inside most every night.

NE_Shop.JPG (288753 bytes)

SW_Shop.JPG (279220 bytes) SE_Shop.JPG (284014 bytes)