Dayton Ohio Shop
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When I was in Dayton Ohio, I had my woodshop sharing a 12'x20' one stall garage with my car. Most of the time the car was left in the driveway though.

This was the left wall of my garage. You can see the wood storage and the shelf for the Delta BOSS. You can also see my chop saw on the rolling cart that I built from plans by Norm Abrams.  

This was the left front of the garage. On one of the shelves is my router table. The other shelves hold my assortment of hand power tools and lots of woodworking supplies. On the bench is my drill press and Grizzly mortiser, and on the bench shelf is where I stored my Delta planer when it was not in use. I stored my compound miter saw next to my planer when I put my car in the garage. I think I used every inch of space! On the shelf over the bench you can see more hand power tools and in the shelf is lots of drawer slides for future projects.

This is the right front of the garage. I have my wood screw, pipe, and Quickgrip clamps stored here. You can see my air compressor on the shelf. On the floor is the jointer.

garage_right.jpg (27512 bytes)Here is the right wall. I had to keep it pretty empty so I could store the table saw and rolling cabinet against it.  You can see my cyclone and associated piping here. To have room for the cyclone I had to give up my motorcycle, and take it back to my parents to store, only 750 miles from Dayton!

As you can see, with the car inside the garage, I had very little room to spare.