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For the first 5 years of my woodworking hobby I was in the military, so had an added irritant to deal with in regards to my woodshop.  About the time I get it set up the way I want it, I have to move.  Same goes for wood supplies and anything else that you buy locally.

One upside though is that I kept getting bigger shops.  Started out in Dayton OH with no garage, moved within Dayton and got a one car garage. I was then transferred to Oklahoma City OK and then I had a two car garage with a shed in the backyard for those pesky things like lawnmower and excess lumber storage

In 2004 I separated from the military and returned to Northern Minnesota and bought my first house.  I found a house that had a 26x32 garage with it.  Another upgrade for the workshop! 

In the fall of 2009 I started on my dedicated woodshop. I have been planning this shop since I bought my house, and was finally able to get started. Check out the build progression here! I completed it the summer and fall of 2010.


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