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We have been constantly improving our sawmill since we bought it.   This is a progression on our sawmill project so far.

In spring 2008 we purchased a different sawmill. A combination of Frick models 00 and 0. We rebuilt it from the ground up. We completed it in the fall of 2009!

PICT3267.JPG (2691858 bytes)

An overview of the sawmill. Logs come in on the right and pass through the saw to the outbearers table on the left. We have a hydraulic live deck and hydraulic log turner. We also use hydraulics to drive the carriage.

PICT3266.JPG (2748412 bytes)
PICT3265.JPG (2818906 bytes)

We run a 54" headsaw. You can see the hydraulic control valve at the sawyers station. We have a plexiglass guard for the sawyer as well.

PICT3259.JPG (2656060 bytes)

PICT3255.JPG (2929949 bytes) A picture of the hydraulic log turner and hydraulic live deck.

Over Thanksgiving 2006 we sawed a bunch of lumber for some projects on the farm.  You can see how we did here.

DCP00356.JPG (323490 bytes)DCP_0565.JPG (623178 bytes)In Sept 2003 we purchased a 1948 Cat D318 engine (that's the size in a 1950s D6).  It is stuck from sitting for several years.  We have to get it running and come up with a 2.5:1 reduction and then install it and make more sawdust!  See the progression of engine here.
DCP_0303.JPG (1151453 bytes)DCP_0304.JPG (874918 bytes)We used to haul logs on one of the hay bale wagons, but they are fairly big wagons and getting the logs off them is a chore.  In the summer of 2003 I built this trailer to haul the logs on. I didn't install a floor on it to make so I can slip the forks under the logs and lift them right off.  Here are the construction progression pictures.
DCP_0373.JPG (685498 bytes)In the fall of 2002 we constructed a building over our sawmill.  In 2004 we added on to the building for a area to set the engine.  See construction photos here.
bucket.JPG (221905 bytes)To move logs and lumber around we built this bucket with a set of forklift forks in the fall of 2002.  It is for our JD 3020 farm tractor.  We were using our bucket for loading the round hay bales to move logs and lumber, but we did not want to break a tine, so we chose to build this.