Lumber Sawing 2
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On Thanksgiving weekend 2006 we sawed up a bunch of lumber. 
DCP00531.jpg (271387 bytes)I am hauling around 20 10 foot poplar logs.  We will pile these down by the mill until we are ready to saw them.
DCP00587.JPG (274299 bytes)DCP00584.JPG (258655 bytes)We use one of the farm tractors with a forklift bucket to move our logs and lumber around.  Here is my Dad keeping us supplied with logs on the mill.
DCP00567.JPG (340894 bytes)DCP00568.JPG (351545 bytes)My younger brother and I are loading a log on the carriage and then cutting the first slab off it.
DCP00555.JPG (326115 bytes)DCP00581.JPG (339023 bytes)We have rotated the log for the next cut.  My older brother is doing the off bearing job for us this weekend. I have a rack that he is piling the slabs on that the loader forks can slip under the slabs and pick them up.
DCP00557.JPG (315831 bytes)DCP00558.JPG (347093 bytes)Here we are cutting off some 2x6s.
DCP00560.JPG (280606 bytes)We are stacking up our freshly sawn lumber.  Those boards are heavy!
DCP00561.JPG (336581 bytes)We have loaded DCP00566.JPG (351000 bytes)on the carriage the slabs that after we cut them to size will be boards.
DCP00591.JPG (290186 bytes)DCP00583.JPG (227669 bytes)My Dad has removed a bucket load of slabs from the mill building.  I will saw them up for firewood next year.  In the picture to the right, you can see the piles of slabs waiting to be cut up, also the pile of logs that are not good enough for the mill that will also be cut into firewood.  In the foreground of the picture you see the exhaust from the sawdust blower dumping into a trailer so we can haul it away.  We fill the trailer in about 4 hours of sawing.