Lumber Sawing
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In early July 2002 we sawed the lumber for a shed to go over the mill.  It is going to be a pole type shed with the east wall open.  We cut down some poplar trees on the ranch just east of the mill, and hauled them to the mill on a hayrack.  We are moving the logs and finished lumber with a front end loader on one of the farm tractors.

mill19.JPG (161255 bytes)Here we are making the first cut off a 16' log to make some 2"x10"s and a 4"x10" beam.
mill22.JPG (165906 bytes)We have rolled the log, done by hand with some cant hooks, and are working on the second side to square up the cant.
mill23.JPG (171367 bytes)Here we are actually rolling the log and pushing it back onto the carriage for another cut.
mill25.JPG (144618 bytes)Three sides square.
mill29.JPG (184662 bytes)Taking the last slab off the cant and preparing to make some 10" wide boards.
mill31.JPG (184310 bytes)Cutting a 2"x10" and the cant is the 4"x10" beam.
mill33.JPG (154861 bytes)Loading the useable slabs on the carriage to cut them into square boards.
mill37.JPG (170885 bytes)Final cut on the slabs and ending up with two 2"x6" boards.
mill38.JPG (183675 bytes)Stacking the boards on the loader.  You can see the slabs in the trailer on the left.  Those are from about half the logs cut for the shed.  They will be cut up for firewood to heat the house in the winter.
mill40.JPG (161746 bytes)Stacking the lumber to dry.  When cutting the boards you end up with small sticks that work great for stickers.  You use them to stick in between the rows of lumber so that air can get in the pile and circulate taking the moisture away.  
mill44.JPG (165872 bytes)Here are the sawyers with the completed lumber pile.  From front to back is my older brother, my Dad and my younger brother.  There is about 2,500 bdft of lumber in the pile.  


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We harvested some Oak trees from the south pasture the fall of 2001 and here we are sawing them into boards.

sawmill3.jpg (26634 bytes)My brother and I are loading the logs onto the carriage in this picture. He is the person in the foreground.

sawmill4.jpg (31506 bytes)The 40" blade on our mill could be a bigger for these logs.  We have some more logs that are even bigger than these!  Those will be a challenge to saw up.

sawmill5.jpg (30703 bytes)These logs are big and heavy.  Using cant hooks was a must to be able to turn them.  
sawmill6.jpg (42218 bytes)My brother, my Dad and I are doing the milling operations.  I am in the foreground, by brother in the middle and Dad at the outfeed of the mill.

sawmill7.jpg (33762 bytes)sawmill8.jpg (35268 bytes)To let the lumber dry, you have the place stickers in between the layers of lumber to let the air to get to all sides and circulate through the pile.  It will be a year of drying outside, then we will take it indoors for some time.  The final determination of ready for use will have to be from a moisture meter.