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Here are a few sites on the web that I have found that pertain to sawmills:

Other people that run old circular sawmills:

Bill's Sawmill, Tractors & Engines

Matthias Wandel father's old sawmill

Jim Dunmyer's Sawmill Pictures

Matt's sawmill

Swallow Valley Farm Sawmill

If you are setting up a circular sawmill, here are some excellent resources:

Circular Sawmills and Their Efficient Operation by Stanford J. Lunstrum
Circular Sawmill Alignment and Maintenance
Sawmill Blades

And a forum to ask questions on:


Here are some sites where you can purchase used mills:

SAWMILL EXCHANGE - For Buyers and Sellers of Used Portable Sawmills
Used Sawmill

And these are new sawmill makers:


And some parts manufacturers:

Makers of high quality, state-of-the-art cutting tools.



  Makers of a reusable, UV resistant woven polypropylene fabric. The fabric protects lumber from the sun, wind, rain and dirt while air drying.