Frick Sawmill
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The spring of 2008 we bought a Frick Sawmill. It is a combination of two models of Frick mills, the husk is from a 0 and the carriage is from a 00. 
PICT3036.JPG (2182912 bytes) We acquired new main beams, they are from an old bridge and stand 15" tall.
PICT3042.JPG (2343323 bytes)  The old carriage was made of wood and not in good shape, so we built a new one of steel. 3"x5" 1/4" wall box iron. PICT3043.JPG (2481106 bytes)
PICT3040.JPG (2334567 bytes) With the mill came a bunch of extra parts, and several axels were in there, so we added two more axels to the carriage for a total of five axels, which is what I think it should have. PICT3038.JPG (2324565 bytes)
PICT3055.JPG (2395609 bytes) Here is the reassembled carriage with the 3"x5" 1/4" wall box iron frame and 5 axels. The right picture is the mandral. We replaced the bushings on the mandral with the bearings you see here. PICT3056.JPG (2684514 bytes)
PICT3057.JPG (2963876 bytes) Here is the husk. We had to modify it for the new main beams and the new bearings for the mandral that we bought from FrickCo. On the right we have the husk setting in place. PICT3059.JPG (2293578 bytes)
PICT3064.JPG (2487733 bytes) We attached the husk to the main beams and set the mandral in place.
PICT3098.JPG (2206834 bytes)

We have the outfeed roller assembly attached.

PICT3099.JPG (2186180 bytes)
PICT3100.JPG (2440365 bytes) The sawdust chute and the splitter have been made. We purchased a used guide from FrickCo 
PICT3102.JPG (2407556 bytes) We are starting on a log turner. We used double 120 pitch chain, and cut teeth that we welded onto the chain to grab the log.  PICT3097.JPG (2562771 bytes)
PICT3245.JPG (2451576 bytes) Here is the log turner after we have moved the sawmill down to the Sawmill building. A hydraulic ram raises the turner arm up into the log and the chain is driven by a hydraulic motor to turn the log. We also use the turner arm to push logs onto the carriage.
PICT3246.JPG (2810514 bytes) We are working on hooking up the hydraulics for the new sawmill. There are 5 different hydraulic circuits on this mill. The carriage drive, two for the log turner, and two for the live deck. We purchased all the hydraulic parts from Burden's Surplus Center.
PICT3255.JPG (2929949 bytes) Here is the log turner surrounded by the live deck after we have used it a bunch. What a back saver! PICT3257.JPG (3048275 bytes)
We built a live deck for the sawmill as well. Chains bring the logs across the live deck and push them onto the fingers that are lowered to reach the carriage. PICT3263.JPG (2661070 bytes)

PICT3265.JPG (2818906 bytes)

We built a guard to keep us out of the drive belts. We also installed some plexiglass in front of the sawyer to protect him from things thrown from the blade.