Cat D318 Power Unit
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DCP00353.JPG (294412 bytes)Here is our engine for the sawmill.  It is a 1948 D318 Industrial rated at 78.5 Hp at 1720 RPM.  Basically it is the same engine as in our Caterpillars but with two more cylinders.  Here it is where we picked it up in Ohio, a 1,700 mile round trip from home.  It is stuck from sitting several years so we have to pull the head and free it up.
DCP00354.JPG (276881 bytes)DCP00355.JPG (257075 bytes)The guy we bought it from had a heavy duty forklift that he loaded it on our trailer with.
DCP00358.JPG (202852 bytes)DCP00360.JPG (244105 bytes)We had to use our HT4 to unload it.  We weighed the engine on the way home and it came in at a cool 5,000 pounds. 
DCP_0369.JPG (671177 bytes)DCP_0371.JPG (797706 bytes)In order to free up the engine we removed the head and found that the engine has sat for quite some time and that the pistons are rusted to the liners and need replacing. So then we removed the pistons and found the crankshaft needing to be ground.  A complete overhaul is in the works.
DCP_0381.JPG (605072 bytes)DCP_0382.JPG (684280 bytes)The block has been disassembled as far as it needs to be.  The crankshaft and head are out for repair.
DCP_0374.JPG (564982 bytes)DCP_0375.JPG (518015 bytes)The pony engine needs new rings, bearings and some valves ground.
DCP_0401.JPG (508427 bytes)The pony engine is being reassembled.
DCP_0410.JPG (468021 bytes)The block has been cleaned and the new liners are in.  We bought the liner groups from Heavyquip.
DCP_0411.JPG (570257 bytes)DCP_0417.JPG (685041 bytes)We had our cousin grind the crankshaft.  We bought the new main bearings from American Crane and Tractor.