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DCP_0416.JPG (453666 bytes)The fuel tank was full of rust, so we cut it apart, cleaned it, and here we are welding it back together.
DCP_0419.JPG (484283 bytes)DCP_0420.JPG (523636 bytes)The pistons are going in.
DCP_0421.JPG (486459 bytes)The pony engine had some cracks in the water jacket and welding them wasn't working, so we ground out the cracks and used JB Weld to seal them.
DCP_0422.JPG (616987 bytes)DCP_0434.JPG (654138 bytes)We sandblasted most of the parts to get rid of all the rust and grime.
DCP_0424.JPG (536546 bytes)DCP_0425.JPG (597197 bytes)And we primered and painted the frame, oil pan, fuel tank, and motor mounts.
DCP_0427.JPG (586090 bytes)The bell housing has been installed and we are finishing up the installation of the fuel tank.
DCP_0428.JPG (727460 bytes)We have bolted the painted oil pan on the block and the installed the engine into the frame
DCP_0431.JPG (604676 bytes)The valve train is being installed.
DCP_0436.JPG (610064 bytes)Next we painted the block, pony engine, fuel injection pump, water pump and some radiator parts.
DCP_0440.JPG (582281 bytes)DCP_0439.JPG (578800 bytes)The fuel system and the pony engine are installed.
DCP_0443.JPG (637264 bytes)The water pump is installed and the beginnings of the hydraulic pump drive is visible through the bottom of the radiator.
DCP_0445.JPG (647421 bytes)Then we painted a bunch of external engine parts.
DCP_0447.JPG (552457 bytes)The generator and oil filters are installed.