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DCP_0446.JPG (548183 bytes)DCP_0448.JPG (682873 bytes)The dash and gauges are being installed.  The pony's governor, carburetor, air cleaner and starter are installed.
DCP_0452.JPG (688311 bytes)The radiator is finally back on the engine.
DCP_0462.JPG (510480 bytes)The air cleaner is back on.
DCP_0458.JPG (524513 bytes)We have the pony engine running for the first time since we got the engine.
DCP_0459.JPG (650293 bytes)DCP_0461.JPG (550762 bytes)And the diesel fired right up after we bled the fuel lines.
DCP_0463.JPG (651517 bytes)The clutch and output shaft are installed.
DCP_0464.JPG (560146 bytes)We modified and installed a old band parking brake to keep the output shaft from turning with the clutch disengaged.
DCP_0465.JPG (566938 bytes)DCP_0466.JPG (593456 bytes)We have everything assembled and gave the engine a final coat of paint.
DCP_0486.JPG (712987 bytes)We loaded the engine with our HT4 onto the log trailer to transport it to the sawmill.  Then we unloaded it and set it back on the carts to move into the building.
DCP_0505.JPG (746947 bytes)A lot of shoving and prying have the engine in place and secured to the concrete.  We extended the exhaust pipes out through the ridge.
DCP_0555.JPG (657883 bytes)We installed a hydraulic pump on the front of the engine and plumbed in a reservoir so we had live hydraulic power at the mill for whatever use we came up with.
DCP_0567.JPG (623314 bytes)DCP_0554.JPG (653808 bytes)This is the drive shaft from the engine to the mill.  To run the saw the right direction we had to place the engine with the back away from the mill and run a long shaft alongside the engine to get power up to the mill.
DCP_0565.JPG (623178 bytes)DCP_0566.JPG (704344 bytes)Here is the restored engine in it's working location.

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