HT-4 Assembly
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DCP00287.jpg (101939 bytes)We have replaced the brakes and put the transmission cover back on.
DCP00288.JPG (329275 bytes)The new head has all new valves in it.  After we get installed on the block we have new precombustion chambers to install in it.  We bought the new head from 2nd Steel in Denver.
DCP00299.JPG (417110 bytes)The reassembled pony engine with new rings and bearings.
DCP00305.JPG (278174 bytes)The new liners and main bearings have been installed in the block.  Our cousin ground the crank for us and did a great job.  None of the bearings required any shimming.  We bought most of the new engine parts from Heavyquip.
DCP00309.JPG (325072 bytes)The pistons, rods and rod bearings are installed along with the front cover and oil pan. 
DCP00320.JPG (284497 bytes)The engine was getting very heavy, so we bought some new chains and lifting eyes to make sure we have a good hold of the block as we install it.
DCP00326.JPG (50869 bytes)We have the engine hung back on the transmission with the replacement bell housing that we bought from Thill Track & Tractor.  
DCP00330.JPG (302041 bytes)We installed the head and the precombustion chambers, and then the valve train.  Finally we got the valve cover and the oil filter housing installed .  Also the clutch has been reinstalled and the clutch cover installed.
DCP00332.JPG (340019 bytes)DCP00335.JPG (349446 bytes)Here is the old radiator core, and our new one from Costex Tractor Parts.   In the right picture is the oil cooler from the cat before we cleaned it up.