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DCP00338.JPG (246292 bytes)DCP00336.JPG (358317 bytes)We cut the old sprocket rings off with the oxy-acetylene torch and my brother is welding the new ones on.
DCP_0118.JPG (598203 bytes)DCP_0116.JPG (640404 bytes)Sandblasting has begun.  The air compressor we are using is built from two 100 lb propane tanks and a compressor our Dad acquired years ago.  We bought a new 13 hp Honda engine for it and built the frame.  We got the filters and regulator from Grainger Industrial.
DCP00339.JPG (207497 bytes)DCP00343.JPG (238021 bytes)We have sandblasted the driveline and are preparing it for the primer coat.
DCP00344.JPG (222001 bytes)DCP00345.JPG (215917 bytes)The main chassis is primered.  We used all Cat paints for the project.
DCP00348.JPG (251078 bytes)First coat of paint is on.
DCP_0121.JPG (655951 bytes)DCP_0122.JPG (665899 bytes)The pony motor and some of the external engine parts have been sandblasted, painted and installed.
DCP_0123.JPG (514348 bytes)DCP_0128.JPG (658190 bytes)The fenders, fuel tank, dash and manifolds have been sandblasted, painted and installed.
DCP_0133.JPG (1022916 bytes)DCP_0134.JPG (814116 bytes)The undercarriages as they were all torn apart and painted.
DCP00238.JPG (296362 bytes)Here are the new undercarriage parts.  We priced around and ordered them from HeavyQuip.  There are 37 link rails and new sprocket rings and new bolts on the pallet.  The old rails have 1/2" bolts that hold the pads to the rails, but the new rails use 9/16" bolts, so we purchased a tapered bridge reamer from MSC Industrial and have to ream every hole in every pad out 1/16".  296 of them.

DCP_0135.JPG (805076 bytes)We have assembled the undercarriages and have installed them onto the chassis.  We are currently installing the new rails.

DCP_0136.JPG (768198 bytes)DCP_0138.JPG (948782 bytes)In the left picture we have the pony engine running. It started right up and after some carburetor adjustment runs GREAT!!  In the right picture we are getting close to ignition!

DCP_0140.JPG (881010 bytes)After many months of hard work, the main diesel engine is running! Itís smiles all around!