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My brother and I are hauling some dirt to build up a road.  This is the trial run for the rebuilt HT4.

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DCP_0245.JPG (740662 bytes) We got about 5 inches of rain so the gravel pit had a couple feet of water in it.  Thought it would be fun to use both Cats to dig a ditch to drain it. DCP_0249.JPG (1117574 bytes)
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D4Dozer.jpg (47272 bytes) I am using the D4 here to level the area for our sawmill.  There was a rock pile on the fence line, I dug a hole with the dozer and buried the rocks there.  Made a nice level place for the sawmill.

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DCP_0252.JPG (987375 bytes)We tore down an old cement building on the ranch.  We used both Cats to dig the hole you see here to bury the cement.
DCP_0253.JPG (1003132 bytes)Some of the walls came down when we pulled the roof off.
DCP_0255.JPG (898452 bytes)DCP_0256.JPG (845725 bytes)The rest we pushed over with the Cats.
DCP_0257.JPG (800529 bytes)DCP_0258.JPG (904167 bytes)We used the HT4 on the lawn so that we didn't tear up the lawn. 
DCP_0260.JPG (925446 bytes)DCP_0262.JPG (891639 bytes)It was easier to use the bucket to haul the cement into the hole than to push the cement with the blade.


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100_0644.jpg (2229591 bytes) Our neighbor asked us to remove some stumps for them and level the ground 100_0640.jpg (2189800 bytes)
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