HT-4 Teardown
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DCP00171.JPG (313906 bytes)We have started to take the loader off the Cat in preparation of putting in the garage this winter.  We have taken the bucket and dump arms off.  We have new rails and sprockets for it and have to dig into the Diesel engine and find out what is wrong with it.   
DCP00181.JPG (366942 bytes)The loader arms and hydraulic rams were the next to go.  Then  the hood, grill and hydraulic oil tank came off.
DCP00236.JPG (273017 bytes)DCP00237.JPG (276540 bytes)Finally got all the loader components off and after some cleaning are going to be ready to take the Cat apart.  According to the Cat manual we have, the complete loader assembly weighs in at 6,000 lbs!  The complete Cat with loader weighs 19,000 lbs!
DCP00239.JPG (364898 bytes)DCP00240.JPG (349470 bytes)We rented a steam power washer and cleaned up the Cat in preparation for some significant repair work. 
DCP00249.JPG (263300 bytes)DCP00251.JPG (243603 bytes)We have the old rails off.  We used the oxy-acetylene torch to remove the pads from the rails, all the bolts were shot.
DCP00250.jpg (97008 bytes)Here you can see the supervisors for the project.  That is my uncle in the foreground, and my Dad behind him.
DCP00257.JPG (271421 bytes)DCP00259.JPG (259250 bytes)The undercarriages are removed. 
DCP00261.JPG (233566 bytes)The undercarriages.  The rollers are in good shape, but one idler is in need of repair.  We are not sure what is wrong with it, going to have to disassemble it to find the problem.
DCP00262.JPG (283780 bytes)DCP00264.JPG (265540 bytes)The radiator and the fuel tank/seat are off.  There was 4 inches of water in the clutch compartment from the power washing we gave the Cat before we brought it inside.  There was also a gallon of water in the transmission from sitting outside for years.  We have discovered that the brake pads are work out, but have replacements ready in the wings.  There was an inch of gunk in the fuel filter housing when we tried to drain the housing.