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DCP00266.JPG (299895 bytes)Well, we pulled the head, and found some disappointing news.  The head is cracked, and the cylinders are pitted from sitting outside for so many years.  Took one of the rod bearings off, and the crank is 8 thousands flat, so that needs to be ground.  We are now on the parts hunting phase again.  Pulling the crank uncovered a main journal that has been scored.  More parts!
DCP00269.jpg (101857 bytes)DCP00271.jpg (104649 bytes)There is not much left of the Cat after the engine has been removed and disassembled!
DCP00270.jpg (300992 bytes)DCP00275.jpg (259772 bytes)Here are the pieces of the basic tractor.  The engine block is up against the door and then we have it hanging from the engine hoist.
DCP00272.jpg (93042 bytes)DCP00274.jpg (97151 bytes)We pulled the transmission cover to check out the transmission, and steering clutches, and to replace the brakes.  Here my Dad is inspecting my brothers work.
DCP00284.jpg (100177 bytes)This is as far as we took the Cat apart.  We have to replace the sprocket rings when we put the new undercarriage on it.
DCP00285.jpg (232206 bytes)DCP00286.jpg (122754 bytes)The engine components are HUGE on this engine for only being 51hp.  The block is in the wash pan waiting to be cleaned up.
DCP00297.JPG (398888 bytes)The pony engine is going to be taken apart and checked over.  Initially we knew there was something wrong in that we had a half an inch of end play on the crankshaft.  Disassembly found the pin holding the main bearings missing, and the crank rod journals slightly flat but within spec, so we installed new bearings and put it back together.
DCP00311.JPG (296068 bytes)DCP00312.JPG (424462 bytes)We took one of the front idlers apart because it was running crooked in the track frame, and we found a broken shaft.  These are not the standard idlers for this unit, so some research is in order to find the right parts to fix this.
DCP00314.JPG (297316 bytes)DCP00316.JPG (265756 bytes)We found more problems while cleaning the parts up.  This is the bell housing, and you can see the cracks in it.  We counted 7 cracks that we can see.  Not sure yet of how we are going to deal with this.  Update:  Well, welding did not fix it.  Looks like we are going to have to find a used replacement.
DCP_0131.JPG (917218 bytes)I disassembled the undercarriages so I could get them all sandblasted and painted.