Foley-Belsaw M14
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sawmill2.jpg (31472 bytes)In early 2000 we bought a Foley-Belsaw sawmill model M-14.  It has a 40" circular blade and a 10' carriage for the logs to sit on.  It is powered by a PTO shaft from one of the farm tractors.  It is set on 8 railroad ties, each buried 4 feet into the ground to get below the frost line up here in Minnesota
mill48.JPG (191507 bytes)In late July 2002, we acquired another blade for the mill.  The one on the left is the 40" blade that came with the mill with 24 - B style teeth and the one my brother is holding is the new one.  A 50" blade with 48 - F style teeth.
This was the mill setup in 2003 after the building is completed and some major reworking on the mill has been done.  The old mandrel drive pulleys broke so we engineered a new belt system. We also moved the sawdust blower to a better  location and it works outstanding. 
DCP00349.JPG (287437 bytes)   We also had to replace the track to make the saw cut straight.  Logs come in on the right side and lumber is removed on the left.  We are using one of the farm tractors to provide the power to the mill. DCP_0389.JPG (840084 bytes)
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DCP_0550.JPG (865548 bytes) In 2004 we installed a dedicated engine with a hydraulic pump for our sawmill and a hydraulic drive system for the carriage.  Logs come in on the right side and lumber is removed on the left.  We blow the sawdust into a trailer on the backside of the building. DCP_0557.JPG (884250 bytes)
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