Building for Sawmill
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Here is the picture of the lumber we sawed for the building over the sawmill.  There is 2,500 bdft here, and the poles are piled in another building with the trusts on the way.
building 1.JPG (146312 bytes)We have got the poles set and have to level the top of the poles.  The building is going to be 26' x 48' when complete with the east wall open to access the mill.
DCP00184.JPG (310333 bytes)To make the roof boards the same thickness we planed them.  We also planed the boards that made up the main beam in the front of the building.
DCP00187.JPG (248119 bytes)We got the poles cut to the proper height and the exterior wall boards up with the rear top board a 6"x8" beam for the trusts to rest on accomplished the first day.  Here we are assembling the beam for the front of the building.
DCP00189.JPG (250999 bytes)The front beam has been assembled and is being prepared to be lifted for installation.  It is 48' long and consists of 2 - 2"x10", 2 pieces of 5/8" plywood, and 2 - 4"x10" boards.  Combined it is 13 inches thick.
DCP00194.JPG (280012 bytes)Here we are in the lifting phase.  My older brother was the director of operations for this entire project.
DCP00197.JPG (212652 bytes)DCP00198.JPG (237600 bytes)The final lift and placing of the beam.
DCP00199.JPG (224512 bytes)DCP00202.JPG (236050 bytes)We are placing the trusts with a crane that we built to go on the forks of the forklift bucket for the tractor.  We had to go underneath the front beam and lift the trusts up through the center of the building to get them in place.
DCP00203.JPG (299208 bytes)We got all the trusts placed and secured on the second day.
DCP00206.JPG (230911 bytes)We are setting the boards that the roof steel will be attached to
DCP00210.JPG (236424 bytes)The first row of steel is on the west side of the roof, and we are moving on to the east side.
DCP00214.JPG (289586 bytes)We are starting to put the side steel on the west wall.  We have a door on the north, south and west walls.
DCP00218.JPG (281997 bytes)The west wall is complete except for the door.
DCP00219.JPG (217419 bytes)The roof has been completed.
DCP00220.JPG (213586 bytes)Attaching the steel to the south wall.
DCP00226.JPG (239727 bytes)Cut out for the doors and attach the corner steel and our building is complete
DCP00233.JPG (174898 bytes)DCP00232.JPG (237437 bytes)We have attached the corner steel and cut out for the doors, now all that is left is to build the doors and some minor trim work
DCP_0373.JPG (685498 bytes)Finally completed.
DCP_0480.JPG (683311 bytes)We are constructing an addition for the Cat D318 engine that will power the mill to be in.
DCP_0482.JPG (1037109 bytes)We laid a concrete floor in the engine building.
DCP_0484.JPG (554359 bytes)All the walls are up but to complete the gable end and install the door.
DCP_0501.JPG (818970 bytes)DCP_0502.JPG (713488 bytes)We extended the exhaust pipes from the engine out through the ridge on the building.