Log Hauling Trailer
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Log Boom Construction

I am adding a boom and grapple to my log trailer. Check out my progress here.


DCP_0269.JPG (838539 bytes)DCP_0270.JPG (889943 bytes)We used to haul logs on one of the hay bale wagons, but they are fairly big wagons and getting the logs off them is a chore.  In the summer of 2003 I decided to build a dedicated trailer.

Here are the basic components of the trailer.  The deck is going to be 8 feet wide by 15 feet long.  I bought the axels at a salvage yard and the steel at a used steel outfit.

DCP_0271.JPG (647258 bytes)The main frame is together with the axels in place. 
DCP_0272.JPG (704358 bytes)The crossmembers are on and I am starting on the stake pockets.
DCP_0273.JPG (686710 bytes)I got the hitch installed.  All that is left is to build a platform in the hitch to haul the chainsaws and the gas and oil on.  I didn't install a floor on it to make so I can slip the forks under the logs and lift them right off.
DCP_0304.JPG (874918 bytes)Completed
DCP00531.jpg (271387 bytes)DCP_0303.JPG (1151453 bytes) We haul about 30 14" diameter, 8 foot long logs per trip, or 20 10 footers on this trip.
DCP_0732.jpg (1113711 bytes)I also use this trailer to haul home trees to use as firewood.