Log Boom Construction
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I am starting on an addition to my trailer. I am building a log boom/grapple so I can self load logs on the trailer. Here is the design I came up with. I designed this with a 3D software package from Alibre Inc

DCP00646.JPG (227310 bytes)DCP00659.JPG (315866 bytes)Here is the trailer before I started. I have some of the steel for the project on the bed of the trailer, and in the picture to the right the pins and bushings that are going to be needed.
DCP00647.JPG (232915 bytes)I started by extending the frame out 2 1/2 feet and added another 4" channel iron to the frame.
DCP00649.JPG (217478 bytes)I have reattached all the log bunks to the frame, and in the front you can see the start of the log loader base.
DCP00653.JPG (216639 bytes)I am mocking up the outriggers.
DCP00656.JPG (255793 bytes)I have cut out the plates that will reinforce the pivots and am doing a test fit.

DCP00660.JPG (245042 bytes)I have the outriggers all tacked together. All that is left is some final welding, and run the hydraulic lines.

DCP00664.JPG (304571 bytes)My brother is doing most of the welding on this project. I can weld, but he does a much better job then me. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to let him do the final welding.

Here he is welding the pivot plates on the boom and stick.
DCP00667.JPG (345820 bytes)I am test fitting the boom to stick pivot.
DCP00668.JPG (343331 bytes)We are using a magnetic drill to drill the holes for the bushings.
DCP00669.JPG (325831 bytes)I have the boom to stick pivot together.
DCP00670.JPG (363865 bytes)Here I am test fitting the swivel that the entire boom assembly will attach to.
DCP00671.JPG (288997 bytes)DCP00678.JPG (343294 bytes)We are welding the swivel together.
DCP00679.JPG (306976 bytes)Welding on the gear that a hydraulic motor will power to swivel the boom.
DCP00674.JPG (299696 bytes)DCP00673.JPG (277668 bytes)Here is the base assembly welded to the trailer with all it's braces.
DCP00676.JPG (232411 bytes)DCP00677.JPG (303747 bytes)Here is the shaft for the bearings for the swivel. And I have installed the shaft into the base.
DCP00681.JPG (273676 bytes)We installed the bearings and placed the swivel on the shaft.
DCP00682.JPG (227870 bytes)DCP00683.JPG (249037 bytes)We lifted the boom up to the swivel with the cherry picker. Then we welded the bushings for the pivot pin in place.
DCP00684.JPG (277064 bytes)I lifted up the end of the boom and  installed the main lift cylinder.
DCP00685.JPG (293750 bytes)I then lifted the stick into place and installed it.
DCP00688.JPG (240417 bytes)Here is the stick pivot all assembled.
DCP00687.JPG (359551 bytes)We then made a mount for the engine.
DCP00689.JPG (269311 bytes)DCP00690.JPG (335649 bytes)I am starting on the grapple. On the left is one set of tines for the grapple. And on the right is the base of the grapple and the other set of tines installed.
DCP00692.JPG (339669 bytes)DCP00695.JPG (319226 bytes)The grapple is all assembled.
DCP00696.JPG (256233 bytes)This is the rotator and rotator hanger for the grapple. I used a wheel hydraulic motor to power the rotator and hang the grapple from.
DCP00698.JPG (273958 bytes)This is the beginnings of the oil reservoir tank.DCP00710.JPG (322504 bytes)
DCP00709.JPG (348348 bytes)Here the motor to rotate the boom has been mounted.