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The plans that I started this project with can be found here.

DCP_1013.jpg (1112241 bytes)We got started on the groundwork for the new shop in late summer 2009. The pipes sticking out of the ground are the sewer and the water line from the house.



DCP_1021.jpg (1024571 bytes)We hauled in fill to bring up the ground level to the level of the garage.
DCP_1019.jpg (1044888 bytes)We got the skid steer on top of the fill to level it off.
DCP_1043.JPG (1047847 bytes)DCP_1045.JPG (1142484 bytes)In the summer of 2010 construction started in earnest. I have dug out for the footings.
DCP_1048.JPG (1169597 bytes)DCP_1049.JPG (1241322 bytes)The forms are in for the footings.
DCP_1050.JPG (977911 bytes)DCP_1052.JPG (848518 bytes)My brothers and I poured the footing and are laying the foundation blocks. We opened the East wall of the garage where the door into the shop will go. I am going to put in a pair of 36" doors to access the shop. 
DCP_1059.JPG (854753 bytes)DCP_1061.JPG (1034819 bytes)The foundation walls are complete. I am in the process of installing rebar in the foundation walls and core filling the blocks.
DCP_1063.JPG (1078570 bytes)DCP_1064.JPG (823441 bytes)I have filled in the shop area. We installed 2" stryofoam on the foundation walls.

DCP_1075.JPG (846073 bytes)We installed 2" styrofoam under the floor and roughed in the electrical in the floor. I also ran a dust collection drop for the tablesaw under the concrete.

DCP_1078.JPG (872980 bytes)We installed 750 feet of PEX tubing for the radiant floor heat.
DCP_1079.JPG (900522 bytes)I placed rebar on 32" spacing.
DCP_1089.JPG (678792 bytes)DCP_1091.JPG (1050433 bytes)The concrete pour has started.
DCP_1106.JPG (554811 bytes)DCP_1101.JPG (762134 bytes)I have my bother, mom and dad, and several friends to help.
DCP_1119.JPG (769126 bytes)DCP_1123.JPG (581245 bytes)And I have a beautiful floor. We coated it with a concrete sealer.
DCP_1125.JPG (1024447 bytes)I am building the trusts for the workshop.
DCP_1134.JPG (710871 bytes)DCP_1135.JPG (665131 bytes)The walls are started! My two brothers and my nephew are helping me with the framing.
DCP_1138.JPG (988539 bytes)DCP_1140.JPG (878652 bytes)We are starting to install the trusts. We got the walls built and 5 of the 20 trusts installed on the first day. We have this boom that we can put on our forklift tine bucket on the skid steer or JD 3020. For my shop the trusts are small enough and space around the new shop tight, so we used the skid steer.
2010-08-23 06.37.46.jpg (1407247 bytes)2010-08-23 06.38.14.jpg (1535087 bytes)Day 2 we got all the trusts installed by 11 am. In the afternoon we got the fascia boards installed and the roof decking on. In the evening we got the roof covered with tar paper. Now on to the shingles.
DCP_1146.JPG (639692 bytes)DCP_1149.JPG (506185 bytes)Shingling has begun. For the bottom courses I am standing in the bucket of the skid steer. We got all the bottom courses on all three roof sections completed. Now I can work on the field of the roof from on the roof.
DCP_1151.JPG (903460 bytes)DCP_1152.JPG (713618 bytes)We wrapped the styrofoam in a foundation liner to protect it from the sun. The new shop is wrapped in Typar.
DCP_1155.JPG (685796 bytes)DCP_1153.JPG (972323 bytes)I am expanding the opening for a new garage door for the truck. I had 9x7 doors, and the truck barely fit, so I am installing a 10x7.5.
DCP_1158.JPG (605415 bytes)DCP_1156.JPG (609082 bytes)We installed the windows Sunday evening. In the right picture you can see the bale elevator we used to transport the shingles to the roof.
I hauled in 35 yards of fill on Tuesday for around the shop. Now I have to spread out the piles of top soil I have.
DCP_1168.JPG (898678 bytes) I took Thursday and Friday before Labor Day weekend off from work and my Mom and I finished the roof. On Saturday, my brother and niece came and we started siding. Finished on Labor day. DCP_1188.JPG (794853 bytes)
DCP_1194.JPG (632927 bytes) DCP_1176.JPG (628860 bytes)
DCP_1211.JPG (632826 bytes)DCP_1209.JPG (861870 bytes)Exterior Done!
DCP_1226.JPG (724697 bytes)DCP_1227.JPG (650212 bytes)I have started of the process of wiring the shop. There are 14 circuits in the shop. I am reusing 6 circuits from the old shop.
DCP_1228.JPG (708717 bytes)DCP_1230.JPG (767469 bytes)The electrical has its rough-in inspection complete. My parents came to help and we have started insulating. It is cold outside, 24 degrees when we started, so I had to get the wood stove hooked up first! You can't see it in the pictures but it also snowed about 5 inches during the weekend.
DCP_1239.JPG (528328 bytes)DCP_1238.JPG (565003 bytes)We have the insulation complete. In the corner is the bathroom. I will not have the shop always heated, so I am installing a small baseboard heater in the bathroom to keep it warm.
DCP_1243.JPG (519868 bytes)DCP_1245.JPG (546605 bytes)A friend came out one day and we hung drywall on the ceiling and got started on the walls.
DCP_1252.JPG (530108 bytes)DCP_1254.JPG (481485 bytes)We finished the hanging the drywall. On to the mudding and taping.
DCP_1260.JPG (531330 bytes)DCP_1259.JPG (542626 bytes)Mudding and taping complete.
DCP_1275.JPG (431108 bytes)DCP_1274.JPG (438560 bytes)And it is painted!
DCP_1308.JPG (590874 bytes)I put linoleum on the floor in the bathroom to make it easier to clean. 
DCP_1298.JPG (466363 bytes)DCP_1299.JPG (454748 bytes)The doors between the garage and shop are in. It sure makes it easier to heat!


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Here is a drawing of the shop addition to the garage.

A Google SketchUp drawing





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I would appreciate any comments you have.