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DCP_1273.JPG (432764 bytes)DCP_1276.JPG (455364 bytes)Here is the shop after it was painted, before anything was moved in. I still have to put the doors in and make & install the window trim. All the electrical outlets and lights have to be installed as well.
DCP_1278.JPG (637583 bytes)DCP_1280.JPG (572090 bytes)I have all of the tools moved into their new home. Now to get everything put away.
DCP_1290.JPG (601599 bytes)DCP_1288.JPG (541581 bytes)I have got some stuff put away, and I also have the electrical ready for final inspection. I am working on inventorying the dust collection pipe so I can get an order together.
DCP_1300.JPG (543300 bytes)I have the pipe/bar clamp rack hung up
DCP_1292.JPG (697113 bytes)Here is most of the dust collection pipe and fittings I have. I have ordered a few more pieces for the main trunk.
DCP_1294.JPG (474601 bytes)I am getting started on the dust collection piping. This drop is for the tablesaw. I ran the duct under the floor before I poured the concrete. You can see my automatic blast gate on the drop.
DCP_1296.JPG (267657 bytes)DCP_1306.JPG (557398 bytes)To hold the pipe to the walls and ceiling I made brackets out of 2x6s for corner mounting points (left bracket) and 2x4s for surface mounts. The lower right bracket is for the pipe that go over a trust/stud, and the top right bracket is for a pipe that ends up offset of a trust/stud. I hold the pipe into the bracket with duct strap.
DCP_1297.JPG (458072 bytes)DCP_1302.JPG (527399 bytes)This is the north wall of the shop. I have a drop at the workbench for the spindle sander, lunchbox planer, scroll saw or hollow chisel mortiser. Next is the tablesaw drop, then one of the floor sweeps. Last drop is to the bandsaw.
DCP_1310.JPG (423372 bytes)DCP_1319.JPG (545501 bytes)I have the drops on the east wall completed. The drill press, a spare drop (future moulder) drum sander and shaper. To the  right I have the overhead drop to the tablesaw and workbench hooked up.
DCP_1316.JPG (574920 bytes)I have the main trunks all connected and the filter stack connected.
DCP_1336.JPG (609025 bytes)Here is the drops for the radial arm saw, router table, floor sweep, and belt/disk sander.
DCP_1317.JPG (569564 bytes)DCP_1321.JPG (367125 bytes)The cyclone is plumbed in. In the right picture is my strobe that I have hooked to my full dust bin sensor. 
DCP_1332.JPG (655843 bytes)Here is all of my Quick Grips and wood clamps. I have some pegboard on the wall over the bench to hold jigs and such.