TS/Jointer Setup
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Thanks to Sawmill Creek for making me aware of the Microsoft Live Cashback. I was able to get the Live Cashback when it was 25%. I also had an Ebay 10% coupon at that time. I was able to get $300 off the Christmas Sale price on the Tablesaw, and $150 off on the Jointer.

DCP_0906.jpg (653103 bytes)DCP_0908.jpg (657485 bytes)I had the Tablesaw and Jointer shipped to my work where they had a forklift. The maintenance crew unload them and transfered them to my trailer. With all the nightmare stories I hear about shipping I was worried. But it all came without a scratch. The only dents in the cardboard are from my straps.

Grizzly Tablesaw G1023SL

DCP_0913.jpg (546013 bytes)DCP_0909.jpg (664186 bytes)Getting things unpacked.
DCP_0919.jpg (588538 bytes)DCP_0914.jpg (587583 bytes)I managed to wiggle the tablesaw off the trailer and across the floor into place while I still had it on the pallet. Then I carefully worked the saw off the pallet. The wings are going on.
DCP_0920.jpg (612851 bytes)I made new rails for the fence. I have 58" to the right of the blade and 14" to the left.
DCP_0938.jpg (611652 bytes)My brother made me the mobile base that the saw sits on. I bought 4" double locking casters from Caster City. These are about the best double locking caster I have seen so far. My brother came up snowmobiling on the 1st of the year and helped me lift the saw onto the base. I ram the dust pipe across the back of the mobile base to the hookup over to the right of the saw.
DCP_0952.jpg (798843 bytes)I made a extension table out on some poplar boards and plywood covered with laminate.
DCP_0969.jpg (640498 bytes)I built this cabinet under the extension table to hold the miter gauges, blades, throat inserts, and push sticks. All that only took three of the seven drawers. I suppose stuff will find it's way into the other drawers.

Grizzly Jointer G0586

DCP_0912.jpg (643256 bytes)Unpacking. This was fun to get unloaded (I'm single). My trailer dumps, so I was able to get the jointer beds slid to the back of the trailer after I dumped the bed, but that is where it stopped. Couldn't move it. I had the car hooked to the trailer, so I pulled the car and trailer ahead slightly. With the trailer dumped, and with the end of the crate on the ground it would slide down the bed, but I didn't want it to fall on the floor when the other end of the crate came off the trailer. Blocks came into play and I managed to get the crate blocked up enough to get it off the trailer bed and then pull the trailer out from under the crate. Now one end is on the floor and the other in midair sitting on blocks. A floor jack and some pushing and lifting and it finally gently found the floor.
DCP_0911.jpg (561255 bytes)DCP_0918.jpg (555597 bytes)This I was able to just carry off the trailer after I unboxed it. I got the switch and motor electric hooked up.
DCP_0925.jpg (683453 bytes)For the jointer beds I had to ask my neighbors son and grandson to help lift them onto the base.
DCP_0941.jpg (698985 bytes) My brother came up snowmobiling on the 1st of the year and helped me lift the jointer onto the base. Then I could get the dust collection hooked up.