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DCP_0029.JPG (537943 bytes)The Grizzly 1 1/2 HP shaper, G1035 with the optional extension wing..   I installed a master on/off switch (don't know why one wasn't there to begin with)  and built the mobile base it sits on using casters that lock both the wheel and swivel.  I have installed a set of shaper board buddies to the fence to hold the work piece down and against the fence.  I do a lot of rail and stile construction with raised panels and my router table was not up to the challenge.  The shapers cutters are more expensive, but they are said to hold up better than router bits. I really like this shaper for cutting rails & stiles and to raise the panels.  One pass is all that is needed.

DCP_0060.JPG (705978 bytes)I happened across the Delta 18/36" drum sander at a tool tent sale.  It is $800 normally, but I got it for $590 reconditioned.  I built the mobile base under it and the shelf to store the sandpaper for the sander.  On the mobile base I put a shelf to hold the hose to connect it to the DC.  No dust escapes this sander when it is hooked up to the DC.  This makes it a breeze to flatten a wide panel.

DCP_0031.JPG (830766 bytes)I picked up the Grizzly G1019Z 6"x48" belt, 9" disk sander on their summer sale for $190.  It was all packed well, and I had no problems putting it together.  I have the dust collection hooked up to the belt and disk and it seems to catch most of the dust that is created. 

DCP_0993.jpg (528821 bytes)I bought this Leigh Dovetail jig off of the WoodNet forums. It is an upgraded D-1258R-24. 

DCP_0083.JPG (685210 bytes)My Grizzly mortiser.  I had to do some mortises for some chairs I was building, and drilled out most of the material and then used a chisel to clean it up.  I determined if I was to do many mortise and tendon joints I was going to have to find a better way to cut the mortises. This sure does the trick.

DCP_0775.jpg (591919 bytes)My drill press.  A 14" from Grizzly G7944. Another Grizzly summer sale purchase.
DCP_0867.jpg (432696 bytes)I have a Grizzly slow speed grinder G1036 to sharpen chisels and with the smaller stone I can sharpen drill bits and stuff.
DCP_0865.jpg (498731 bytes)My Dremel scrollsaw.

DCP_0049.JPG (674378 bytes)DCP_0778.jpg (628461 bytes)Here is the air tools that I have.  Bought the Porter Cable compressor/18 gauge nailer combo.  For what I do the compressor can keep up, but for a larger tools it is just too small.  I also have a 16 gauge Craftsman nailer.  The Porter Cable clipped head framing nailer and coil roofing nailer are for when I need to get out of the shop.  A Porter Cable pin nailer and narrow crown stapler round out the fastener line. When I started using my framing and roofing nailer a bunch, a bigger compressor was needed, but I wanted to stay at 110 volts for mobility.  So this Husky fit the bill.

DCP_0872.jpg (606074 bytes)You can never have to many clamps.  I have found the 3/4" heavy duty pipe clamps from Harbor Freight work as good as the Pony brand, and at about a third of the price, when I get them on sale.