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DCP_0769.jpg (543524 bytes)I am starting on another workbench for the shop.
DCP_0770.jpg (580986 bytes)I have the carcass built.
DCP_0771.jpg (602902 bytes)The top is started. I have to wrap it with birch and get a piece of hardboard to make a replaceable work surface.
DCP_0868.jpg (570097 bytes)DCP_0869.jpg (554870 bytes)Here are all the drawers and drawer fronts and doors for the cabinet.
DCP_0874.jpg (668136 bytes)I have the parts all covered with polyurethane. Now to assemble them.
DCP_0875.jpg (600822 bytes)I am installing the drawers and doors.
DCP_0876.jpg (531677 bytes)DCP_0877.jpg (572901 bytes)It done! There are six drawers and four sliding shelves for the scroll saw, mortiser, spindle sander and benchtop planer

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Outfeed Table for Craftsman Tablesaw

DCP_0779.jpg (592221 bytes)I am making an outfeed table for the Craftsman tablesaw. I took inspiration from Saw/Dust's version and then adapted to my saw. This the fixed portion of the table, 16" x 54".
DCP_0781.jpg (515667 bytes)The folding portion is attached.  I have wrapped the edges with white oak.
DCP_0785.jpg (562818 bytes)I purchased some Formica from Lowes, and have to glued on and chamfered the edges.
DCP_0797.jpg (580151 bytes)The leg brackets have arrived, and I installed the legs. I routed the miter slot extension grooves as well.

I polyurethaned the raw wood edges for durability.

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Extension Table for Grizzly Tablesaw

DCP_0943.jpg (592266 bytes)I made a frame of 1x2 poplar from the sawmill. I pocket screwed the boards together.
DCP_0944.jpg (691286 bytes)I covered the frame with 5/8 plywood.
DCP_0947.jpg (575618 bytes)On the exposed sides I banded it with some oak, and glued some Formica on top.
DCP_0951.jpg (588623 bytes)I polyurethaned all the exposed wood and used 6 brass thread inserts to attach the table to the rails.

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Cabinet under right wing of Grizzly Tablesaw

DCP_0948.jpg (567403 bytes)I have started a cabinet under the extension table on the tablesaw. I will have enough storage for all my tablesaw accessories and extra room left over. There will be a total of 7 drawers.
DCP_0953.jpg (480929 bytes)DCP_0946.jpg (603239 bytes)Here are all the pieces for the drawer sides, and then the drawers completed.
DCP_0954.jpg (528227 bytes)DCP_0956.jpg (546905 bytes)The carcass and drawers have been polyurethaned and I have started installing the drawers. I have to make the drawer fronts next.
DCP_0965.jpg (536527 bytes)DCP_0963.jpg (439394 bytes)The drawer fronts are complete and poly'd.
DCP_0967.jpg (559557 bytes)DCP_0966.jpg (541289 bytes)The drawers are going in, and complete.