Craftsman Tablesaw
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Craftsman Table Saw

DCP_0784.jpg (584748 bytes)This is the tablesaw I started woodworking with.  It is a Craftsman contractors tablesaw, but I have done plenty of modifications and added many accessories to improve the capabilities, accuracy and usability of the saw.

DCP_0787.jpg (594842 bytes)I extended the fence so I now have 54" of rip capacity to the right, and still the 24" to the left.  I purchased a set of identical rails from Rigid Tools, aka Emerson Electric Co, and cut them to the extra length I wanted and butted the rails together.  Since then I have had them welded together for ease of assembly.  Didn't take me long to appreciate the extra capacity. 

The Craftsman XR-2424 fence locks solid and square every time.  Repeatability and accuracy on the measuring scale are excellent also.  

To support those longer rails I built the right extension table.  It is a metal frame supporting a plywood base with laminate top.  I installed a shelf under the extension table for jigs and the blade guard.

DCP_0028.JPG (575727 bytes)I installed the PALS system from Woodcraft to micro adjust the trunions so I can get the blade to within .002 of true.  Here you can see the PALS installed on the saw.  They attach to the rear trunion and have adjustment bolts that push the trunion to the left and/or right minute amount and holds it there so you can easily adjust and tighten the rear trunion.

I also installed machined pulleys and a link belt, and now it will pass the nickel test with flying colors. 

I also built the mobile base that it rolls around on.

DCP_0041.JPG (544999 bytes)I built a new guard for the saw and used the stock splitter and mounting hardware to attach it to the saw.  I built in a port to connect it up to the dust collector and it is great to see the majority of the dust go into the dust collector.  I built it out of 1/4" Lexan..

DCP_0040.JPG (667582 bytes)I have made oak inserts to go in the cast iron webbed wings.  I now have a solid surface across the entire saw table.

DCP_0043.JPG (573708 bytes)I built a drawer to go under the right extension wing so I can store items used on the table saw for easy access.
DCP_0797.jpg (580151 bytes)I built an folding outfeed table for the table saw.  It is inspired by the outfeed table by Saws 'N Dust.  There is a fixed portion that is 16" x 54", and the folding section is 32" x 54".

Construction photos here.


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Craftsman Jointer

DCP_0047.JPG (710340 bytes)The Craftsman 6" contractor series jointer.  For dust collection on it, I just placed the standard jointer dust hood inside the hole in the stand under the tables where the chips usually fall anyway.  Had to cut the hole a little bigger, but otherwise it went in like a charm and collects as good as the factory dust chutes would.  I built the mobile base for it with the double locking casters.