Grain Bin
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In 2018 we built a 11,000 bushel grain bin.

We formed up a 28' diameter pad, with a 2' tall stem wall 18" thick and the rest of the pad is 5" thick.
We assembled the top ring and the roof the first day. Then we attached the jacks and started lifting. Rings 1-3 are on.
Ring 5 is on and then the exterior of the bin is complete.
We installed the 10" unload auger, 5hp fan and then the floor.



In 2016 purchased and moved another 21', 5000 bushel grain bin.

We disassembled the lower 12 feet of the walls and lowered it onto our gooseneck trailer. We built a 2"x8" framework to support the outer walls of the bin on the trailer.
We poured a pad for the 21' bin to sit on and used a telehandler to pick the bin off the trailer and place it on the pad.

Here is a video of us unloading the 21' Grain Bin.

We also moved the 1500 bushel bin on the farm back to the bin site for a wet corn bin the feed the corn dryer.


We poured a pad for the 15' bin that was on the farm that we moved back to the bin site that we will use as a wet bin for corn to feed the grain dryer.
In 2017 we added 3 rings to the 15' bin.