IH 766
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My parents purchased this IH 766 when I was about 3 years old, in 1977. It had about 400 hours on it at the time. For 33 years it was the biggest tractor on the farm.
Reading on Red Power forums revealed to me that late model International 66 series used castings that were for the 86 series. The 86 series has a fill port and dipstick for the hydraulics on the rear of the tractor. We found that our 766 has the casting places for these, all we needed to do was drill out the castings and install the dipstick and fill port. What an improvement!

Winter of 2013/2014 repairs

Unfortunately the orings on one of the sleeves failed and dropped the antifreeze into the oil. So we overhauled the engine.
While we were overhauling the engine we took the opportunity to replace the TA that was slipping under heavy load on the low side.
We ended up replacing the lower countershaft and bearings in the speed transmission in addition to the TA. The nut on the countershaft came loose and let the bearings spin on the shaft. We reinstalled the speed transmission back on the tractor using the transmission jack.

We painted the engine before we put it back in the frame.

I installed new LED lights from Larsen Lights. I bought the PAR36 lights that fit into the old housings. I have 6 lights facing forward and 5 rearward.