IH 3788
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In 2012 we bought a International 3788 2+2.
Here we are pulling our 30' field cultivator.
We are pulling a IH 720 7 bottom plow.
Here it is in the spring of 2017 hooked to our 24 foot Sunflower 6330 Soil Finisher


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Repairs 2013

Unfortunately the low side of Torque Amplifier went out on us this summer. We are replacing the T/A with a Ed Leaman T/A.

Also the pivot had some slack in it so we are working on that as well. One of the previous owners had apparently not kept up with maintenance and had wallowed out the lower articulation joint.
We had the center pivot machined out for IH S.B. # S-4554 5-11-83, Hy-Capacity part #830407. That and new bushings has fixed up the pivot. We installed a new T/A from Ed Leaman.
We used a transmission jack to reinstall the speed transmission, and then rolled the engine back and reattached the transfer case to the transmission.
We installed a tilt steering wheel kit.
Some rear tires and hoods and it will be done.

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New Tires 2016

We are installing new inner tires on our 3788. The new tires are Mitas AC70T 520/70R38 tires. The 520/70R38 are the same width as 20.8R38 but the same diameter as the 18.4R38 tires we have for duals.
Here is all the duals on.

LED Lights

Here is a before and after of installing new LED lights in our 3788. These are only from the nose lights, there are an additional 4 lights forward and 4 rearward.

Here I am in the spring of 2017 chisel plowing a corn field at night. I love these LED lights!