Building Heating
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We are building a building around the outdoor wood stove in the fall of 2014
It is a 18'x56' building.
The woodstove is in the center of the building with firewood on both sides.
In the fall of 2015 we installed a corn/pellet stove and tied it into the hot water system of the wood stove. We can now leave the farm for a few days and the corn stove can carry the heat load and we can supplement with the wood stove if we want to.
The corn stove is fed from a hopper bin to the north of the building.
The auger from the hopper bin empties into the hopper of the corn stove, we have a flap switch that stops the auger when the corn gets to set level, and starts the auger when it gets low. To prevent the auger motor from doing a lot of 2-3 second fills, I installed a 24hr timer on the circuit for the fill system that only allows the auger to run and fill the hopper twice a day.