Farm/Truck Shop
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DCP00362.JPG (210423 bytes)My brother purchased a semi April 2004.  Maintenance of the semi proved difficult during the winter here in Minnesota without a heated shop to work on it in.  We decided to construct a shop for the semi,  but at the same time we made it big enough to serve as the farm workshop that we have always wanted.  We came up with a building 44' x 56' with 15 1/2' ceilings.

DCP00403.JPG (224902 bytes)DCP00406.JPG (237217 bytes)We started be excavating a hole 3 feet deep, and then filling it back with 4 feet of sand.  With the dirt work complete we started drilling the holes for the poles and lifting the poles in place.
DCP00410.JPG (202498 bytes)After the poles were installed we started nailing on the girders.
DCP00443.JPG (235361 bytes)We are lifting one of the eight trusts into place with a boom attached to a loader tractor.
DCP00437.JPG (233302 bytes)I am nailing the purloins on the roof with a friend and my brothers are nailing boards in between the bottom of the trusts to form the ceiling.
DCP00445.JPG (270492 bytes)We are putting on the last piece of roof steel.
DCP00451.JPG (296141 bytes)We are leveling the ground and installing 2 inches of styrofoam in preparation for the concrete.
DCP00457.JPG (245014 bytes)DCP00468.JPG (328050 bytes)We installed 2500 feet of 1/2" PEX tubing stapled to the styrofoam.  In the winter warm antifreeze solution will be flowing through the tubing will provide radiant heat for the shop.
DCP00471.JPG (247941 bytes)DCP00472.JPG (260673 bytes)Concrete pour day.  There are 12 people working on the pour.
DCP00474.JPG (261020 bytes)DCP00476.JPG (276030 bytes)We poured 54 yards of concrete this morning.  In the afternoon we troweled the concrete smooth.
DCP00494.JPG (286388 bytes)We are installing the sidewall steel this weekend.  This picture is of a sheet on the south wall going up.
DCP00509.JPG (324593 bytes)The north wall of the shop is mainly doors.  We have a service door, then a 18' wide x 14' high bifold door that we built ourselves and a 12' wide by 14' high garage door.
DCP00513.JPG (184102 bytes)DCP00514.JPG (191480 bytes)We are finishing installation of the garage door and then the building will be fully enclosed.
DCP_0685.jpg (558010 bytes)We are sheeting the interior with steel that we recovered from a pole barn that the wind took down this summer.  The steel was dirty from being on the building for the last 20 years, so we washed it before we installed it. 
DCP_0677.jpg (710270 bytes)We installed a vapor barrier over the insulation before we started sheeting the interior of the shop.
DCP_0675.jpg (501820 bytes)We have started putting up the sheeting on the east and south walls.  The walls were taller than one sheet, so we have to add pieces later to finish the walls.
DCP_0679.jpg (674866 bytes)The first sheet of steel is going onto the ceiling.
DCP_0683.jpg (581462 bytes)And then we can install the permanent lighting for the shop.  We have 3 rows of 4 lights each in the shop.  Each light has two 75 watt florescent bulbs in it.
DCP_0697.jpg (559482 bytes)The last sheet of steel just went up
DCP_0693.jpg (550328 bytes)DCP_0695.jpg (546473 bytes)Finished!