Picking Rock
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In 2016 we purchased a Haybuster H106 rock picker
Because we were going to run the picker with a tractor with dual hydraulics, we installed a 12V electric double selector valve. One side of the valve raises the dump box, and the other raises the windrower. Then we stacked another valve because we decided to modify the hitch on the picker, making it a hydraulic swing hitch. With the swinging hitch we can pull the picker in the field without running over the rocks that we were trying to pick.
We mounted a ram on the side of the new swing hitch so we can control the position of the hitch from the cab.


Here is our rock rake hooked to our Allis Chalmers D17
This is our rock picker. It is a Crown rock picker. Summers Mfg currently manufactures this same model.
 The tires on the rock picker were 11sl-15 and giving us trouble. So we changed them to Super Single semi tires.

Here are some videos of us raking and picking rocks on the farm.