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Planting 2018

While we were planting one of our soybean fields the weather was looking ugly...but the rain split and went around us. We were able to get 85 acres planted this day.
Our last day planting soybeans.


Soybean Planting 2011

100_1814.JPG (1331106 bytes)We are planting our soybeans. We are using a International 766 pulling a field packer we built, and a International 1486 on a IH 500 19 row Soybean planter.
We are folding the planter up for transport.
 We are folding the packer up for transport.
 The packer is 34 feet wide has 36 inch diameter rollers. It weighs 16,000 lbs.

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Here is a video of us planting in the spring of 2012.