Soybean Planter
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In 2011 we bought a International 800 Cyclo planter. It had been converted from a 12 row 30" spacing to a 16 row 22" spacing. We are going to make it into a 23 row 15" spacing skip row soybean planter. We bought a parts twelve row IH 800 to get the additional row units and seed box.
We have removed all the row units and the seed boxes to get easy access to the toolbar to make our modifications.
We had to remove the old mounts for the trailing arms because we have to move the trailing arms up to clear the row unit and move the mount out to make the trailing wheel run in between the 15" rows.
Here is the rebuilt mounts for the trailing arms and rams.
Because we raised the mounting point of the trailing arms, we cut and bent the arms to get them back to the proper height.
On the back of the toolbar we made a frame to hold the third seed box. Each seed box can only feed 8 row units, so a third was needed to feed the 23 we were to have. We moved the transmission into one of the spaces left for the skip rows.
We rebuilt all the row units. We offset the units 6" for clearance and trash flow. Mainly for trash flow. It was pretty easy, I just cut off the ends of the parallel arms next to where they attached to the tube and cut extensions from 3/8" x 2" steel. I drilled new holes in the end of the extensions and welded them on the parallel linkages.
Here all the row units are back on the main section of the toolbar. You can see the two 30" skip rows we have.
Here we have reinstalled the 3 seed boxes.
We have reinstalled the wings and more row units.
All the row units are installed and we have run all the seed tubes from the seed boxes.
Here is the planter in action, We have it hooked to an International 1486.