Grain Pit
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In 2013 we built a portable drive over grain pit. We will use it to unload our dump truck and grain trailer. We have provisions built into the pit to unload side discharge gravity boxes as well. We will be adding a hopper bottom semi trailer in the future and we can unload that with the pit as well. Being portable will make moving between grain bins a snap!
We built the frame out of 6" channel iron. Where we drive over the pit we put in extra supports between the top and bottom. We put 3 - 5" augers between the center pit and the 10" take away auger.
We built the ramps out of 6"x4"x3/16" square tubing with 14" diamond plate as the driving surface.
Here we are welding the ramps together.
Here are the ramps mated up to the main frame.
We filled in the pit area in the drive over pit. You can see the 3- 5" augers that we have to move the grain into the 10" take away auger.
Here we are starting on the lift arms for the rear wheels and the box where we transition to the 10" take away auger.
We are working on the 10" take away auger.
Here the hydraulic motor is connected to the auger and the 10" auger is connected to the middle 5" auger. At the other end the middle 5" auger drives the outer auger by a chain.
We built the sides for the side discharge gravity box hopper. When we are using the main pit the sides fold down out of the way.
Here is our first trip over the pit.  We installed hydraulic rams on the rear wheels and the tongue to lower the pit onto the ground.
Here we are emptying the grain trailer and dump truck into the pit for the first time.
We installed a flow control for the hydraulics to control the speed of the pit's augers. It can easily overrun the 8" x 61 that we have up to the bin.