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DCP00298.JPG (47533 bytes)This a Curio Cabinet I built for my mother for Christmas of 1998  The plans for it came from "Shop Tested Large Furniture You Can Make".  After giving to my Mom, she had it full of her figurines within the hour.

My brother needed a place to put his scanner and some hanging file folders, so I came up with this.

This is a variation of the bedside table that Norm Abrams built.  I just added the area with the door.

bathroom closet.jpg (18123 bytes)I built three on these so far.  The only difference in them has been the size.  This one is around 4'6" tall and the largest one was over 6' tall.

microwave stand.jpg (13341 bytes)This is being used for a microwave stand.

Mom's Chest_2.jpg (97742 bytes)I built this cabinet for my mother.  She is using it to store quilts in as she has filled up her cedar chest to overflowing with the quilts she makes.  I designed it with TurboCAD.
VHS-DVD Cabinet7.jpg (99906 bytes)VHS-DVD Cabinet8.jpg (88718 bytes)This is a cabinet to store DVDs and VHS tapes in.  This cabinet is 6 1/2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and 1 foot deep and holds 464 VHS tapes, or up to 544 DVDs and 252 VHS tapes.

For construction photos, Go Here

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