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I have been busy taking over the family farm with my brother.

Here are a few pictures of the 2015 harvest
We are unloading the last load of soybeans for the night.

I installed new LED lights from Larsen Lights on the combine for this year.
We had to dry the corn down from about 19% to 15% for storage.

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We installed new tires on our IH 3788 2+2.
Here is our 3788 before it's new tires.
We are installing new inner tires on our 3788. The new tires are Mitas AC70T 520/70R38. The 520/70R38 are the same width as 20.8R38 but the same diameter as the 18.4R38 tires we have for duals.
Here is all the duals on.

Check out our operation here!


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Check out the beautiful quilts my mother makes here.

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