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Bunk Beds

Feb 1, 2003

DCP_0077.JPG (751829 bytes)Here is the lumber to build a set of bunk beds for a friend.

Feb 8, 2003

DCP_0084.JPG (675869 bytes)I cut most of the lumber into the pieces I need for the beds.  I have many mortise and tendon joints to cut into these pieces to form the beds.

Feb 9, 2003

DCP_0087.JPG (575265 bytes)DCP_0088.JPG (545456 bytes)Here is one footboard dry fitted together, with the other three head/footboards sitting unassembled on the cart.

Feb 10, 2003

DCP_0091.JPG (655746 bytes)All of the head/footboards are assembled and here is the assembled bottom bunk.  We have to cut out the plywood for the mattress to lay on on and final assembly of the top bunk.

Feb 13, 2003

DCP_0097.JPG (687905 bytes)I stacked the beds together and started on the connections between the head/footboards and the rails.  The ladder is also complete.

Feb 15, 2003

DCP_0098.JPG (703259 bytes)The woodworking is done.  We made a brace to keep the top person from falling out of the bunk and completed the connections between the head/footboards and the rails.

Feb 18, 2003

DCP_0099.JPG (503336 bytes)DCP_0100.JPG (687902 bytes)The bed has been painted a gloss white.


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Automatic Blast Gates

DCP_0743.jpg (131948 bytes)Here I have the gate sides cut out with the hole cut for the ductwork.
DCP_0744.jpg (125712 bytes)DCP_0745.jpg (108816 bytes)I glued over size spacers and the wedge shaped piece to one side of the gate side. When the glue is dry, I run it through the planer until it fits the gate slider properly. Allow about 1/32 clearance but watch out, this may compress when you glue it up and jam the gate.

DCP_0746.jpg (116352 bytes)DCP_0747.jpg (126255 bytes)I glued additional support on the rocker arms where the ram will attach. I glued additional support onto the sides of the slider where the it is connected to the ram assembly.

DCP_0748.jpg (141302 bytes)Here I am using my tendon jig to cut the slots in the various pieces.
DCP_0750.jpg (111746 bytes)DCP_0751.jpg (116295 bytes)Sand smooth and seal all inside parts that touch each other before gluing both sides together. Then I glue both sides together. Trim the sides for appearance after glue up.
DCP_0752.jpg (114922 bytes)I have trimmed it to size and glued the pivot board on.
DCP_0757.jpg (110397 bytes)DCP_0760.jpg (598120 bytes)I have installed the pipe collars by bending over the tabs and screwing then to the sides. I then sealed them from leaking. Finally, I am test fitting all pieces together. All that is left it to paint them.