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This is the garage that my younger brother and I built for him in August of 1998.  We took a lean-to that was already there, lengthen it, laid the concrete floor, and boxed it in. 


DCP_0321.JPG (659790 bytes)In August of 2003 we started an addition for the garage.  We will be adding a 24x26 area and moving the current sidewall over by 2.5 feet.  Here we have set the poles and filled in the hole left by removing an old cement barn.
DCP_0323.JPG (1028783 bytes)Here I am constructing the trusts for the addition.
DCP_0324.JPG (828214 bytes)DCP_0325.JPG (745646 bytes)On the left my older brother is starting to lay out the roof purlins.  On the right my younger brother is working on extending the roof to reach the new sidewall. 
DCP_0329.JPG (677241 bytes)DCP_0334.JPG (696715 bytes)Here we are starting to lay out the roof steel.  In the picture on the right we are waiting for the concrete to finish the sidewalls. 
DCP_0337.JPG (594456 bytes)DCP_0349.JPG (531404 bytes)Having a concrete floor is the only way to go in a garage.  On the left we are drilling holes in the old concrete to install rebar to tie the new concrete to the old concrete.  
DCP_0363.JPG (682296 bytes)DCP_0367.JPG (581233 bytes)Here we are finishing the sidewall steel and trim and a completed building.  We enclosed a 12x24 section of the building and insulated it for a heated workshop.
DCP_0481.JPG (707238 bytes)We laid a concrete slab in front of the service door and around the building to get a dry place to walk on.